How can strikes be classified in terms of the type of motion required? Alternatively, what physical techniques can be used to make a strike powerful?

How about "whip", "swing" and "drive"? Where:

Whip means accelerating the contact point by transferring energy through the limb in such a way that the contact point (fist, foot etc.) ends up travelling very quickly but the limb itself is not moving very much at the moment of impact, and the contact point does not travel very far through the target.

Swing means using the centrifugal effect of swinging the limb to generate a heavy impact with most of the limb moving through the target but the limb is relaxed.

Drive means that the limb remains fairly rigid while the body propels it into and through the target.

Me uchi, jun zuki, gyaku zuki, and mawashi geri seem to be whip-type strikes.

Furi zuki, ura mawashi geri, and gedan geri seem to be swing-type strikes.

Kagi zuki, hiji ate, and hiza ate seem to be drive-type strikes.

These three types also seem to be compatible, where sokuto geri for example, might be accelerated with a whip type motion, but by tensing the leg upon impact become a driving attack. I don't think it makes much sense to tense up a swinging attack to convert it into a driving attack though, since this may endanger damaging the limb in motion. Can one utilise both whip and swing in a single strike? Are there other kinds of powerful strikes that don't fit these types?

I guess hiji and hiza ate could be swinging attacks if they swing into the body from the side, but would be driving attacks if they are performed with hip thrusts. It seems impossible to make a whipping knee strike because there is only one articulation between the body and the striking point.