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Thread: Hips

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    ebudo2 Guest

    Default Hips

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to find out how I can get rid of the pain in my hips after excercising.

    I also cannot spread my legs very far - any suggestions ??



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    Default Hips


    Sorry to open with a question, but are your hips sore from being stretched due to tightness or do they hurt beyond a dull ache?

    If it is a tightness issue, I would suggest the long passive stretches like in yin yoga. I am not touting any specific practice but as a desk jockey I was amazed at the results after a few weeks of stretching every other day. If you would like I can reference the poses we used in the class (it was/is once a week) and post them here.

    If you have more pain than a dull ache, I do not have the training or experience to offer any real guidance.

    Stephen Baker

    "Never cruel nor cowardly, never give up, never give in." Doctor Who

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    Hey Graham

    Let us have a little more to go on.... they you may get a few answers.

    Dull ache/pain ?
    After MA training/weights/running/whatever?
    Are you stiff in all directions, i.e. forwards/sideways/whatever?
    Steve Williams

    Harrow Branch.
    Shorinji Kempo UK.

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    bruceb Guest

    Default Little bit more each day ...

    I have been told this by dozens of teachers, and yet, with my muscle structure, it just doesn't seem to work ...

    Do a little bit each day, with more than you did before, and let the muscles stretch.

    Well .... I can't see it happening.

    Pain is a warning that something is wrong, and when pain is intense enough, you become knocked out. Been a couple years since I had an injury serious enough to do that , but the doctor who flexed my strained wrist was sure surprised when my eyes went back into my head and the out I went.

    On the other hand, if you are not coaxing an injury, or having a sharp pain, just a stretching pain, a little bit each day will give you more than you had, but it might be less than than you want. Funny thing about the human body, it has sensors that warn of imminent injury, and they work pretty good.

    Best advice?

    Find out what kind of hip pain you have, injury, health, or stretch pain, and then take appropriate measures to work within those health parameters.

    My days of youthfull stretching are long gone, so I accept that I can do what I can do, and I try to hold onto as much of that elasticity as I can .... although everything sure hurts more with the big 50 just a couple of months away.

    My doctors started me on a water pill to help my Meniere's disease that seems to have relieved symptoms of Arthritus, go figure? Maybe, some more research into your health would have some side benefits for you also?

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