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Thread: Kyokushin - Ultimate Truth.

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    Ichigeki Boy Guest

    Default Kyokushin - Ultimate Truth.

    Hi there,

    I read somewhere that, after training in Kyokushin wholeheartedly for a very long time, one would eventually realize its "Ultimate Truth".

    Can anyone shed some light into this matter?
    Thank You.

    Bu Nasser.

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    Machimura Guest

    Default Quote...

    I think your signature/quote explains it all... yeah.

    Bryan Cyr

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    The cool thing is...

    We can't reveal it because it is different for each person.

    Not only is it the ultimate truth, it is the truth from within...
    David Dyer
    4th Dan Black Belt
    Ro-Ken Karate Association

    It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. - Albert Einstein

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    Ichigeki Boy Guest


    To the first guy who replied: ya its from Street Fighter

    Amphinon: Thank You, I understand a little more now

    Bu Nasser

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