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Thread: ne-waza drills...

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    Default ne-waza drills...

    Any good ideas on ne-waza drills? for single and with partner...I have heard that the ukemi ball is pretty effective...any comments?
    Henry Infante
    Budo Tenchi Dojo
    World Institute for Security Enhancement

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    bripley Guest


    We do something that we call 'round-the-world, I don't know how prevalent this is in other schools.

    1. Mount
    2. Side-mount
    3. Kesa-gatame
    4. North-south
    5. Reverse-kesa-gatame
    6. Back to mount

    We do this with a partner and also solo by using a heavy bag laying on the mat. Sometimes we will strap a gi top onto the heavy.

    The idea is to be able to make the transitions between each position smoothly while also staying low and keeping good contact.

    Bill Ripley

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    Ben_Holmes Guest


    LOL!! I recall a 'conversation' on RMA where I mentioned this drill, and a BJJ'er tried telling me that this wasn't possible. That any decent ground technician would be able to escape long before one complete "revolution". To be honest, however, he was almost certainly just a white belt.

    This *is* an excellent newaza drill, for *both* partners, since Uke can be drilling his escapes at the same time.

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    Tobikomi Guest


    A really fun drill designed to practise keeping your weight on your opponent is to lay on a football or basket ball and attempt to walk around 360 degrees and turn from your back to your front and back again as many times and as quickly as you can without loosing the ball. You cannot hold the ball with your hands! Have fun

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    I had my boy doing the basketball drill. It seems to have really improved his osaekomi waza. He had a habit of not pressing his weight into his opponents chest on his Kesa Gatame. His O Soto Gari has also improved. I don't if the drill has increased his awareness of body to body contact or if it is just chance.
    Ed Boyd

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    hector gomez Guest


    Here is one I picked up at a Mike swain seminar.uke lies on his back while you tori acquires the juji(armbar position)after securing the juji with your legs and firmly controling and squeezing together his arms and shoulders,let go of the usual grip one has around uke arms and put both hands on the ground behind you.

    You now only have him controlled with your legs tight & snug as you must pinch together your legs hard inorder to keep him controlled.With "his help ofcourse" try dragging him using your hand on the matt behind while pulling him from one side of the mat to the other.

    This drill develops the great ability to control and keep the juji tight and close to you even while moving around,all of this while using the leg muscles that one needs to keep the hold and this lock secure.

    Hector Gomez
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