We have had the “No Holds Bar and Grill” for a long time now, but only a few people have caught onto my intentions of having such a forum. Besides being a great name that I came up with, it’s a great concept if you understand what is going on.

Yes, there are no rules in the forum and anything goes. This only means that the regular forum rules do not apply. But, that does not mean that everyone can leave behind all traces of human dignity and self-control. Some people ASSUME they are allowed to do what ever they want. What they fail to realize is that they are being judged not only by their fellow members, but also by myself as well.

Even birds are smart enough not to crap in their own nests. I don’t care how many people dislike me, and yes, even I have gotten my fair share of threats and jabs from the Bad Budo Honor Roll. What I do care about is when people disrespect what E-Budo stands for. It’s a one-man show (me) and I am not perfect by any means. Of course, I got a great bunch of moderators who help out the best way they can.

Some people think I am way too slow to take action against the fools and trolls. Well, I am a firm believer in e-karma and I know that when it comes to Budo on the Internet, you can run but you can’t hide very long.

So, when a thread gets moved into the NHB&G, think of it as Nature’s way of saying “Shut you’re A Hole.”

So, it your choice if you are going to pucker or poop…