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Thread: Theme for the year..

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    Default Theme for the year..

    I was wondering if anyone can give me some history on one of the weapons for the year?..The weapon is called the Kunai..I think it's spelled that way..any info is appreciated...

    Henry Infante
    Budo Tenchi Dojo
    World Institute for Security Enhancement

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    Chiburi Guest


    Have you checked the different Bujinkan forums? If I remember correctly, there's info on the theme weapons.

    There was discussion about 'Kunai' on the Kutaki no Mura forum

    You might also want to check Hjelm's forum

    Hopefully someone here will also be knowledgeable enough to help you.


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    Henry, this is my first time using a kunai. After a recent seminar, this is what I got out of it:1. Kunai were not only for digging, proddding, but now as we know for fighting. 2. They were used in the open because one was allowed to carry a shovel or tool out in public.
    3. The larger ones made me feel like I had an extra foot of forearm leverage to tie people up with. 4. They hurt really bad when the bone structure is attacked! Especially around the wrists!

    Jon Gillespie
    Jon Gillespie

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    bgigas Guest

    Smile Kunai hurt like hell

    At a Jack Hoban seminar we did some Kunai work where Jack circle around me (as he usually does ) and planted the Kunai in my mouth with the tip against my gum line. I went down faster than a Las Vegas working girl.

    Kunai, with their inherent weight, have interesting advantages. One interesting kyojitsu application he used was hiding the kunai under ones jacket during Sword vs. Kunai work. When the uke attacks with a horizontal strike to the stomach they hit the kunai. With a little dramatics you can make the uke think they critically hit you and retaliate during their air of false victory.

    Fun and interesting.

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    We just finished a seminar this weekend using the Kunai and we have been training with it since january. Love it. Most versitale weapon/tool I´ve tried. Must make a live one to wear on the street. It ought to be legal if I pretend it´s some special tool for construction work or something. It´s a really sneaky weapon that kind a "pop ups" where you least expect it to.

    Johan Grönwall

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