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Thread: Byakuren Kaikan Karate Kenpo?

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    Default Byakuren Kaikan Karate Kenpo?

    Hi all!

    Could someone tell me anything about Byakuren Kaikan Karate Kempo (somekind full-contact emphasizing offshoot of Shorinji kempo)? I tried to search information about it via Google, but results were very limited.

    The following quote is the best I found, but tell me something more.
    Byakuren was founded in 1984 by Masayasu Sugihara after So Doshin (founder of Shorinji Kempo) passed away. He was one of the youngest 6th dans the style never had (6th dan at 28!) and bodyguard of Master So Doshin. Master Sugihara left Shorinji because the style changed to "non contact" and "no competition" and he was one of the few Master So Doshin allowed to enter the full contact karate tournaments.
    So the style has two sides: a hard side (go-ho) including the strikes (ressembles a lot Enshin or Seidokaikan Karate) used both in the street and the full contact tournaments and a soft side (ju-ho) including joint locks, throws and different submission techniques.
    The Byakuren Kaikan organization has the honbu dojo in Osaka and has several international branches (USA, Canada, France, Holland, Spain,Italy,...).
    Best regards,
    Santeri Laitinen
    Jyväskylä Shorinji Kempo Branch

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    tamashi Guest

    Default Byakuren Kaikan Karate

    I have seen one video tape of a tournament.
    the rules were essentially the same as Kyokushin.
    Participants varied as it was an open tournament:
    Byakuren Kaikan Karate, Kyokushin karate, SeidoKaiKan karate,
    and i think there were some Shidokan Guys in it too.

    the demos were awesome.

    Cant speak to the softer side, but yea, the sporting
    aspect is just as you noted with strong similarities to
    Kyokushin or other types of Knockdown karate.

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    Morgray Guest

    Thumbs up Byakuren Karate kempo

    Hi Slait,
    I was the author of that quote... I practice the Byakuren Karate Kempo and Tamashi is quite right too.
    As Shorinji, the Byakuren technique has a Go-Ho part and a Ju-Ho part.
    The Go-Ho is oriented to the real combat, with only a little "classic kihon" and a lot of kumite oriented work, but stresses more the idea of "sabaki" than Kyokushin, like Enshin karate does (although not so much!).
    The competitions are Knockdown and the rules are almost the same that Kyokushin.
    Ju-Ho is "inherited" from Shorinji Kempo and it's aim is self-defence.
    Both aspects are practiced, but specially Go-Ho. Ju-Ho is practiced by all persons, but mainly after black belt or over 35 years.

    If you are interested in the system, please contact me.

    Best regards.

    Alejandro Delgado
    Byakuren Kaikan Spain

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    Morgray Guest


    Yes, Akshel, you're wrong. I meant Go-Ho is practiced more intensely:
    a)By persons over 35.
    b)After black belt.

    Maybe I should be more clear...

    Alejandro Delgado
    Byakuren Kaikan Spain

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    Default Black Belt-itous

    Millia Mac.,

    You seem very fixated on the black belt thing.
    Your posts all revolve around attainment of one.
    I hope your interests lie deeper than just the belt.
    I know that it can be a good motivator but enjoy the
    journey. There's more to earning a black belt than
    just prestige. You might find that once you have the belt,
    you can start to doubt your abilities and realize that
    your journey has only just begun. I really miss
    my early days. No pressure to perform.
    I remember one high ranking teacher saying,
    "The backbone of the dojo are the greenbelts".

    I know it's easy to say these things once
    you have rank, but try to take each class one
    at a time and most of all enjoy it.

    Ray Baldonade
    Chibana-ha Shorin-ryu

    "Love many, trust few and do wrong to none". Chan Yau-man

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    Default I'll give you a belt

    I've done this before, but then again I'm not quite right sometimes.

    Once in a while you will get a student who get fixated on the belt thing. What I've done is trade belts. I say take off your belt then I take off mine and give it to them and tell them to put it on. After they look at you like you are committing somekind sacreligous act they comply and I put on their obi. Then we would usually kumite and I used to goad them on and say 'come on your a black belt you can do better than that!' you know, just to motivate them. After we finished they would usually pretty eager to have their old belt back.

    Hell you can buy a belt for around $5.00 send me 10 bucks and I'll mail you one.

    Have a good weekend everybody. I'll probably check back in on Monday
    Ed Boyd

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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Stefano, I live in Japan but I'm actually from Italy.

    I've started practicing here Byakuren Karate which is an interesting style in my humble opinion, so since I've noticed there's not a lot of information in English on the Web I made a Wikipedia page.

    I'd like to share with you what I have done:

    Sadly, after a few days since its creation, it has already been proposed for deletion, even though I provided references and translated personally from original Japanese sources.

    So if anyone of you knows more about this style or could provide support directly on Wikipedia I would greatly appreciate it. This is the discussion page:

    Thank you for your attention and I hope there will be more chances to know more martial arts styles in the future and no tendency to suppress those there are not yet well know as in this case.

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