Hi folks

the reason for my uncharacteristic reticence lately is that I've been in Japan, visiting Honbu for the spring university training seminar with a party of BSKF/WSKO kenshi. Couple of things I wanted to say - profuse thanks to Mizuno Sensei for organising the trip, and also to Steve Williams, who probably wasn't able to relax properly until he'd sheperded us all safely on to the flight home. Also wanted to apologise to the ex-BSKF kesnhi who organised the first night party in Tokyo.I didn't make it because after a thirty hour day in which I'd had no sleep whatsoever I just wasn't fit to do anything apart from staggering out to the neighbourhood noodle bar then back to bed.

My first trip to Honbu - great training, expecially the afternoon the Arai Sensei took out of his schedule to teach the WSKO contingent, and training at the Honbu doin with Kawashima Sensei. Learned a lot from all of the instructors (thanks to Kirsty for providing unofficial running translation).

Still recovering from jet lag - the human organism is just nopt meant o be able to travel from one side of the planet to the other in a matter of hours...

Tony leith