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Thread: Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival

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    Talking Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival

    Hi folks,

    The Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival is this weekend!

    Since the is not user-friendly, can someone point to a schedule of ma demos on the web?


    "Search engine impaired..."
    David Pan

    "What distinguishes budo from various sport activities is the quest for perfection."

    - Kenji Tokitsu

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    Nope, David you are not search engine impaired.

    For some obscure reason, the Cherry Blossom organizers don't seem to think people want to know the schedule. So,unless you call, you don't get a schdule. Then when you do call, it rings and no one picks up, or the person who answers gives you the wrong information, or if you call past 5pm, you get an answering machine.

    This goes back for years, I've yet to get the schedule without making several attempts or getting the wrong info from them dating back to when I was in my mis-spent youth still. I've given up trying to get information from them.

    The only thing I know for sure is the Taiko drummers are at 2 on Sunday by going to both Seattle Taiko and Tsunami Taiko websites.

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    They finally printed a schedule ahead of time this year in the North American Post / Northwest Nikkei / Hokubei Hochi Shimbun dated April 12, 2003 (English Edition Vol. 20, No. 15). The price is $0.75 and might be available at Uwajimaya.

    The chart they published is kind of hard to read. I make no personal guarantees.

    All the demonstrations will be in the Center House.

    Saturday 04/19/03

    Aikido - Seattle Ki Society 4:00 pm
    Judo - Budokan Dojo 1:00 pm
    Karate - Minakami Karate Dojo 2:15 pm
    Karate - World Seido Karate 3:30 pm
    Kendo - Washington Kendo Federation 1:30 pm
    Shorinji Kempo - Shorinji Kempo Seattle Chapter 5:15 pm

    Sunday 04/20/03

    Battojutsu - Ishiyama Ryu 3:30 pm
    Judo - Seattle Dojo 3:00 pm
    Karate - Washington Karate Association 4:00 pm

    Kevin T. Tanemura

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    I will be there snooping around on Sunday. Is anybody else going to be there? Perhaps we can hook up.
    Scott Irey
    Just another one of those "few peanuts short of a snickers bar" MJER guys.

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