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Thread: The Sixteen - John Urwin

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    Default The Sixteen - John Urwin

    I would be interested in comments on "The Sixteen - The Covert Assassination Squad That Went Beyond The SAS" John Urwin, Vision Books, London 2002, ISBN 1-904132-14-6
    Essentially the author claims he was recruited into a super secret group of British Army assassins in the mid 1950s and trained in a deadly form of combat known as "the machine" which was always sucessful in CQB with the knife, belt ("sash") etc.
    He lives in Newcastle upon Tyne (England) and teaches self defence. I have seen his students, and I wasn't too impressed.
    Personally I don't believe a word of it. The book reminds me in many ways of the Mushindo nonsesne written by Terry Dukes/Nagaboshi Tomio, ie it is a kind of wish fulfilment.
    Harry Cook

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    Default The Sixteen - John Urwin


    Does anyone have any info on John Urwin - Ive read the book?
    Graham Barrett, London

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    Default The Sixteen

    Hi Harry,
    I've exchanged correspondance on this topic with several guys with knowledge of the field of special warfare, and all have severely doubted the truth behind The Sixteen.
    For example, author Nigel West, who specialises in intelligence and security related matters has recently completed a work exposing several fantasies, including "The Nemesis Files," "Official Assassin," "The Five Fingers," "The Feather Men" and, of course, "The Sixteen"
    I believe that Mr West's book will finally debunk the claims of these, and other, charlatans.
    Unwin's claims have been discussed by some fairly knowledgable guys on the British Army forums here
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