There will be 2 Mugairyu Iaihyodo seminars in North America in July 2003 with instructors from Japan. The seminars will introduce Mugairyu Iaihyodo including reiho (etiquette), kihon (fundamental cuts and stances), and the 20 kata, as well as some background explanation and history of the style.

Any and all are invited and encouraged to attend, regardless of current experience in any martial arts, or lack thereof.

The first seminar will be in Southern California (LA area) July 12-13. For registration/information please contact Tony Alvarez ( or Renfield Kuroda (

The second seminar will be at Guelph University's School of Japanese Sword Arts July 19-20 in Guelph, Canada. For registration/information please consult the web page, or contact Kim Taylor ( or Renfield Kuroda (

Mugairyu Iaihyodo is kireru iai (cutting iai); strong, fast, simple, and effective. Techniques are practiced in an effort to better one's character and contribute to a peaceful and prosperous society, but technique without practical, cutting effectiveness is merely swinging a sword. Mugairyu Iaihyodo's distinctive techniques include a powerful gyaku-kesagiri (rising diagonal cut) from the draw, yoko ichi-monji (horizontal cut) across the chest at heart level, and various tsuki (deep thrusts.)

Mugairyu was founded by Tsuji Gettan Sukemochi in 1693, who was both an accomplished swordsman and a renowned Zen philosopher and scholar. Shiokawa Hosho Terushige is the 15th and current Soke of Mugairyu Iaihyodo. Niina Gyokusui Toyoaki is the 16th Soke and oversees instruction in eastern Japan through the Non-Profit Organization NPO Hougyoku-kai (, which also oversees jo, tanjo, sai, and other traditional Japanese martial arts.


Mayumi Hoshina
Mayumi Hoshina is a godan (5dan) ranked Shidoin (Licensed Instructor) with Okuirisho (Advanced Techniques License) in Mugairyu Iaihyodo, as well as sandan (3dan) in Shindomusoryu Jojutsu and nidan (2dan) in Hoshoryu Saijutsu.

Renfield Kuroda
Renfield Kuroda started in kendo and aikido and currently practices Mugairyu Iaihyodo exclusively. He is a yondan (4dan) ranked Shidoin (Instructor) with Okuirisho (Advanced Techniques License), and is a Yoseibu (Traditional Instructor's Training) member, in preparation for Denshobu (Traditional Instructors.)

renfield kuroda