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Thread: Correct Meditation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrono View Post
    I just started meditating and I was wondering if there were any way to know that I was meditating correctly. I mean, is there a certain feeling that must happen while in meditation, or something?

    If you manage to have no thought whatsoever, for even a second, you're making progress. While that might not be the central aim of some/most meditation techniques, the thinking process is certainly a great obstacle to achieving inner peace through meditation, and any progress in that direction is a great step indeed.

    Remember, we're never good at something we've never done before, we just have to persevere to succeed!
    Paul Labbé

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    This isn't for everyone. I am not trying to evangelize here. I have been looking at the Russian martial art of systema and what of it can be practiced without a teacher (not an option at this point in space and time for me). In addition to various muscle control exercises and cold water dousing (last night was a particularly good night to be pooring cold water on yourself outside in Western Pennsylvania) there also are meditational practices some intimately linked to the Russian Orthodox Church. I think if you are Christian the sincere repetion of the "Jesus Prayer", "Lord Jesus Christ, Son Of God, Have Mercy on Me, a Sinner" sounds like a wonderful meditation practice which you can easily practice on your own. It has to be sincere so if you aren't Christian the phrase "Lord Jesus" doesn't make any sense. A quick google of the Jesus prayer will give you lots of references to the deep theology surrounding this.

    The leadership of systema have said over the years "If you cannot pray then breath". They teach square breathing. Inhale to the count of three, hold breath to the count of three, exhale to the count of three, hold breath to the count of three, repeat. Extend counts to four when ready. They have a lot more breathing execrises which I plan on studying in the future. Once more google systema will give you lots of info to start. Hope I didn't offend anyone with the religious references.

    Len McCoy

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    The religious references are interesting.

    Everyone can substitute something there.

    But, Black Paladin, how can an atheist do that?


    An atheist can reference that superior version of themselves, that accomplished martial artist, that supreme warrior, etc.

    Transpersonal Psychology

    Everyone has higher powers.
    Terry Miller

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