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Thread: Whatever happened to aka...Jerry Johnson?

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    Ronnie Nakamura Guest

    Default Whatever happened to aka...Jerry Johnson?

    Hello Guys,

    Whatever happened to Jerry Johnson. You guys remember him. "The dude with a tude" that was an e-budo fly the soup last summer. I just realized that this prolific BS'er and disrupter of decent discussion has totally vanished from the e-budo radar since last August. Mr Lindsey, are you the reason for this wonderous cause for celebration?

    Funny thing about e-wussies. They go around attacking people from the keyboard that they couldn't last a second with on the mat, but turn the bright light of scrutiny on them by exposing their true identity and they high tail it into the land of e-vanished. Whatever the reason for Mr Johnson's vanishing act, I think we should all bow our heads in thanks to whoever chased this e-toady out of e-budo.

    I sorely miss Sensei Threadgill's posts. It's silly that e-budo members must e-mail him to ask for his feedback on a related topic of interest over here. ( BTW, Thanks Mike Johnson ) How about we all get together and bombard Mr Threadgill with requests that he return to the membership of e-budo. Mr Yamamoto and Mr Scott, start the bombardment. Lead the troops.

    I ocassionally go over to Bugei's forum and see what going on over there where Mr Threadgill is a moderator. Unfortunately Bugei's swordforum is overrun with adolescent wannabe samurai. Sensei Threadgill seldom posts anything there either. I guess it's like being a playground monitor over there.

    I've got it! Mr Lindsey, invite Mr Threadgill to moderate the "Koryu, History and Tradition threads". There's no moderator covering that board. There's an opening for a qualified dude there.

    Whaddya think?


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    Mr Nakamura,

    I see you are a new member of E-Budo, so welcome to the forum.

    I have no idea why Mr Johnson no longer contributes to E-Budo and see no point in speculating about it. I do not see why you need to attack him.

    I am also sure that Mr Threadgill has his own reasons for not contributing to this forum (and I can imagine what these reasons are). Since you youself raised the question, why don't you ask Mr Threadgill yourself and let us know. This might be more constructive than worrying about Mr Johnson.

    I am sorely tempted to send this thread into the Trash Bin, where I think it belongs...

    Yours sincerely,
    Peter Goldsbury,
    Forum Administrator,
    Hiroshima, Japan

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    Mr. Johnson's current status is his choice, not mine. I think Mr. Threadgill is a very busy man to and might have a hard time keeping up with 2 forums.

    As for Mr. Johnson,

    Lets not dance on the grave, lest we wake the dead...
    John Lindsey

    Oderint, dum metuant-Let them hate, so long as they fear.

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