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Thread: Speedy delivery .... who is god, what is ki.

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    bruceb Guest

    Default Speedy delivery .... who is god, what is ki.

    After twenty nine pages of the 'Ask the Atheist", with half the pages being responses by the great Kimpatsu, one of our resident Atheists, I think we have finally come to terms with the term 'KI', the term "God", and how humanity basically has created myths and legends from natural observations wthin their environement.

    It was so simple!


    Pretty much blows the Amazing Randi challenge out of the water if everything is provable as a natural phenonmena, doesn't it?

    So, if every provable phenonmena is from a natural provable source, including Ki, GOD, and anything else you can imagine but much of it is misunderstood or improperly described by humanity, I guess we have a new resident Wise MAN.

    This entirety of Kimpatsu's answer actually fits into my answer that ..... God is the Universe, as clumsy as its interpretation may be?

    From now on, since TK is the final authority on everything, and posting with such profusion, refer all questions about the natural scientific phenonmena that is so misunderstood to him as he is now the resident ..... Religious Atheist.

    There is no charge for this Speedy Delivery, which is the beginning of the new .era for E-budo ...... simply ask TK for all the answers you need in your life.

    (Am I kidding? Maybe ... let's see where this goes?)

    I am sure all replys to your questions will be written in his imimmitable stye with ... Speedy Delivery!

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    The only way TK's answer gels with yours, Bruce, is if you go into the dictionary and change the definition of the word god to be the same as the definition of universe, which then leaves a void in language.

    Or, perhaps, if you mean by God, "Ultimate Reality," And have accepted that the physical, material universe is the highest level of reality, then again, perhaps you two do agree.

    However, since I seriously doubt either of those is the case, I have to conclude that you have smoked some pretty powerful stuff recently...
    Only when you have lost everything are you free to do anything.

    Tim Streett
    Hidden Mountain Bujinkan, Blacksburg, VA

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    bruceb Guest

    Default We have ....

    Within the description of God, and religion, we have changed the meaning of the Word 'Religion' and 'God'.

    Unless we are living in some other universe where unnatural phenonmenon is the key to validity?

    The answer is no more ludacris than E=MC squared when that answer was given.

    Reread the premise and the results, then realize that humanity has created God from observations of the world around us, also known as ... the uniiverse? This one fact is the hardest to comprehend, but once you do, it should strengthen your faith, if you have any.

    I have no idea how beings or phenonmena beyond human knowledge will bring enlightenment to lead us to believe what is impossible or beyond science today, but if history is any indicator, we will find the secrets, eventually.

    Take all the time you need. Most people are in shock that God is not what they thought God would be. Get over it, and embrace the truth.

    Next ..... we get into the subconscious mind creating illusions or manipulating the natural phenonmena to create unnatural phenonmena.

    What am I answering for ...

    Go ask Kimpatsu .... he's got all the answers.

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    Kimpatsu Guest

    Default Re: Speedy delivery .... who is god, what is ki.

    Originally posted by bruceb
    Pretty much blows the Amazing Randi challenge out of the water if everything is provable as a natural phenonmena, doesn't it?
    How, Bruce? Randi's challenge is to those who claim evidence for the paranormal.

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    Kimpatsu Guest

    Default Re: We have ....

    Originally posted by bruceb
    Go ask Kimpatsu .... he's got all the answers.
    Thank you for finally acknowledging this axiom, which everyone else has known from the start.

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    bruceb Guest

    Default Don't you read your own posts??

    Read your own post to answer your first question TK, but the again, the opening post is a rehash of that post.

    I figure if thousands of questions don't make you more humble, eventually the old brain will short out and a nice nervous breakdown will. I believe it is time to indulge this God-complex, like a small child dressing up for playtime. Indulge it and it will go away.

    Time to send all the questions fo the great false god until this fantasy is resolved.

    So I say .... Go ask TK ... he has all the answers.

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    Kimpatsu Guest

    Default Re: Don't you read your own posts??

    Originally posted by bruceb
    So I say .... Go ask TK ... he has all the answers.
    Thank you for acknowledging that axiom, Bruce.

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    bruceb Guest

    Default Hurry up cinderella ...

    You are falling behind, write faster.

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    Kimpatsu Guest

    Default Re: Hurry up cinderella ...

    Originally posted by bruceb
    You are falling behind, write faster.
    I would far rather write more accurately and pithily, with proper spelling and references, and with something meaningful to say, thank you.
    But I see where your priorities lie, Bruce.

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    bruceb Guest

    Default Double down on them meds ...

    I am now four threads ahead.

    Uh-oh .... running out of pith?

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    With credit for image to Rogier...
    David F. Craik

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    Talking more ludacris..
    Wow, even gangsta rappers are getting in the debate!



    M. Tom

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    bruceb Guest

    Default oh yeah ...

    Now the dogs are out of the yard!!

    On the other hand, what do you think about TK, Kimpatsu supporting this theory?

    Amazing, isn't it?

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