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Thread: Making a saya for a bokken?

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    Default Making a saya for a bokken?

    Anyone have any advice on making a makeshift saya for a bokken? Something for practicing not just iai type stuff, but also stopping draws, those spiffy tsuka-lock type dealies...

    I was thinking maybe using PVC.
    Michael Siegel

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    Default Bokken saya

    Depending on exactly what you're looking for,try using the CARDBOARD roll in the center of your X-mas gift wrapping paper,adding a little colored(brown/black)duct tape and viola,you are in business,also if you fall on it,and you will,it wont hurt you(hopefully)plus so what it's cardboard.Toilet paper roll for tanto too!Advice leave your obi looser than normal.
    Mickey Mullins

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    Alot of guys I know use the plastic tubes you find in a golf bag (believe it or not). I have not made my own yet so cannot attest to how easy or difficult it is. But I have used them quite a bit and they work just fine.

    Hope this helps you out. Good luck
    Tony Casella

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    The golf tube idea works. We’ve practiced with these and they stand up reasonably well. (As well as being inexpensive). The open end can be plugged with a piece of wood, or left open.

    Samuel Foster

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    This saya works extremely well and allows for 'rough play' with the saya as weapon as well.

    Take plastic plumbing pipe of appropriate length and width. About4-5inches longer than your bokken and a little wider. Heat it over a flame - gas BBQ, gas stove etc - by running it up and down the flame. When it is warm it will bend.

    If your bokken has a tsuba take it off, but leave the rubber stopper on. If it does not have this, you might want to put one on.

    While the tube is still warm, push the bokken in. The tube will bend to the desired shape and be a good fit for your bokken. The rubber stopper ensures that the opening is a little wider at the stop.

    Depending on your desired length for the saya, you can push the ends together and tape them, or just leave it as is, taped or not.

    Paint it with matt black spray paint for a traditional look, or with a pattern for a fancier look. You can also put a hook in for cord.

    Tried and true. Have fun
    Frances Haynes

    CourageousHeart Bujinkan

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    Default Ready made cheap plastic saya

    Look here under weapons/bokken for cheap plastic saya that fit most bokutou:
    Emily Egan

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    just an addition to the "plastic pipe" saya. If you use the grey colored EMT electrical conduit pipe, it will bend better with heat. (thats what its designed to do) and keep the bend. Its also a "softer" plastic, so it will give a little.
    Ken Gardon

    "experience always supercedes theory"

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