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Thread: from karate board: byakuren ryu karate

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    Default from karate board: byakuren ryu karate

    i copy my thread from the karate board as it can interest shorinji kenshi, read this and the answer in karate board:

    Byakuren ryu karate
    i recently read about a modern form of karate,
    the byakuren ryu karate,
    it seems that it was inspire by shorinji kempo, either from a studen of this art or just a karateka knowing a shorinji kenshi.

    now technicly it seems that they avoid to raise the knee to kick unlike shorinji kempo, and rely on back rather than hips for giving the strenght of their punch.

    i can sense an orientation toward a more boxing like art.

    anyone knows more about this ryu?

    also to compare again with shorinji kempo, the byakuren ken is a family of technics from shorinji kempo where the uke will use the same hand to defend and attack most of the time.

    what about byakuren ryu karate?
    and why this name? (white lotus) which is the name of a chinese (disapeared) secret society which obiously the byakuren ryu karate can not have any direct link.

    any thought?

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    Don't know anything about this style of Karate, but it has been discussed before, take a look here.

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