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Thread: tang movement

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    Default tang movement

    Is any kind of movement in the tsuka bad or is there some kind of movements that are not dangerous? Which ones are allowed and which arent allowed?
    Jeremy Hagop
    Jeremy Hagop

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    All bad. If anything is moving, the forces will work on the mekugi to wear it down and given time it will fail. Sometimes the tsuba can be a touch loose and it's movement can feel like it's coming from the tsuka, but that should be tightened down as much as possible as well. My nosyu 2002 developed what I can only describe as a wiggle in the tsuka after about 5 years. When Scott Irey took it apart, a shim had broken down and the tang was free to move a little bit. He re-shimmed it and it has been fine since.

    I think Frankenstein's monster said it best when he said, "Movement... BAD!"
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