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Thread: Did you post count drop?

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    That's very true Mark, I only ever post in the Lounge, I lost 75% of mine, I had about 800 chopped off.

    It's good because i don't feel like so much of a geek, who waits and preys on silly threads

    Rev. Matt Boxall AKA Dr. Stupid

    *Puts on wizard hat and robe*

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    bruceb Guest

    Default transitory ....

    A little more meditation and realizing all things are transitory might be in order, guys.

    The very nature of trying to be in control of our lives with this fascination of technology, developement of gadgets and machinery is the ultimate lie in society is an attempt to drive back the transitory nature of life itself.

    We will all disappear one day, for all our efforts of trying to leave a mark on the world, or some monument that says "I was here."

    Post count drop? No big deal.

    It is just a reminder that we are transitory in an ever changing world.

    Some people can not deal with hitting bottom or starting over again .... I hope the posters who remain in E-Budo are above worrying about post counts or seniorority?

    I don't know .... are we?

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    Kimpatsu Guest


    Some of my best jokes have gone, including "I can murder you for fun".

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    I moved all your posts to this forum:

    click here
    John Lindsey

    Oderint, dum metuant-Let them hate, so long as they fear.

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    MarkF Guest


    That's funny, John. I wonder where you moved mine (oops, I said it, not you).

    Bruce, nobody cares that much about their post counts, it was just sprung on the high rollers suddenly creating something about which to chat, and that's all.

    Putting yourself above the people who are posting about it (including yourself) doesn't come off, well, it just doesn't.

    I get the feeling that you put your age on everything thinking you have something to say, and you do but not for that reason. You just don't put up the best of what a fifty year life may have brought you from the school of hard knocks. For the most part, we all have been there (not to fifty, to the school, though I have plus two).

    If you think chatting about a drop in post count is nothing to sing about then don't write about it. Otherwise, unless you've been around a bit, your post count only means (meant) you post a lot. The fact I lost relatively few may say something about me, I don't know, but I know those I lost from the Member's lounge couldn't have been more than one-hundred and the must have been old, I just don't do anything other than checking to see if a thread is worth opening, or if one is worth starting, most of the time. I decided a long time ago that I all ready know what I know and I think long on whether others want to know it as well, so now I mostly reply, not start threads and then not nearly as often (ask John about the fires I started or continued. That's probably why he made me a moderator, so I would have to behave). I do sometimes open yours on those rare occasions (in the Lounge), as I think many are being too hard on you, but not because you don't have anything to say, but because you do, you just go on and on and on about it, to the point I realize I know what you've said by the end of a few or less sentences. I do that with others, as well, so please don't think I'm pointing you out, I'm replying to your reply, is all.

    Someone said you have written some fine posts in the past and I agree. I just think you're a 'yenta' at times. So are many others, some just outrageously hoknik en chinik (Pho.) which does become tiresome sometimes, no most of the time.

    This was far too long a post in a thread about post counts, but then, you started it.

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