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Thread: The Last Samurai Movie Review

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    Thumbs up The Last Samurai Movie Review

    Saw it tonight here in Seattle, and even though it had Tom Cruise, it was a damned good movie. My favorite character was Bob.

    Harvey Moul

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    This movie had some good bits, to be sure, but Tom Cruise stunk it up so bad I couldn't stand it. And I never disliked him before! The effort spent to make him the lead character took the heart out of the rest of the movie. If they had done this as a straightforward Japanese historical movie with Algren as a minor character it would have worked a lot better

    Yeah, I liked Bob the Samurai too, but why was he always carrying his katana in his _right_ hand??

    It seemed to me that a lot of the MA stuff was pretty good, but I'm far from an expert on battlefield kenjutsu or jiu-jutsu. Too much muscular blade-bashing for me, but not nearly as much as there might have been...

    Personally, I think the Shogun mini-series beats TLS by a mile...and I'm aware of Shogun's faults too...
    David Anderson
    Calgary, Alberta

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