Since Allie has been nice enough to share his secrets with us, I thought I would plug his videos. Here is a quote from Allie about the tapes:
In my - 1 hour tape, volume 1 " A complete martial arts education for the serious martial arts business owner" in this tape I compiled a huge amount of information on running a professional martial arts school, including income generators, marketing, business systems and so much more, in volume 2 - 101 drills for an exciting classroom includes a unique blend of one and two person drills that are fun and are guaranteed to energize any martial arts school. If you don't find one idea that pays for the cost of the videos, I will refund your money no questions asked.
My favorite was volume 2. I have always enjoyed "dojo drills" ever since I was a young lad doing judo. This tape is chock full of drills and can be applied to any martial art. The drills range from rolls, strength/conditioning, ground fighting, single and team, and much more. The drills are for both kids and adults and it is amazing to see what some of his students can do at such a young age. If you run a dojo and like to use drills, you need this video. It is THAT good.

Volume 1 is good too, but it seems to be designed for somebody already running a martial art school and has a background in the industry. Allie starts off the tape by talking about how to run a professional school and what it means to be a pro. It really made a lot of sense. Where the tape really shines is in the section called income generators. What I would like Allie to make next is a video for someone who does not currently teach in a full time dojo, and what they will have to know about the business. Kinda like the ABC's of the Dojo.

Keep in mind that Allie is not trying to get you to join his marketing organization, because I don't think he has one. He is just sharing his knowledge with you, and if you run a dojo, you cannot afford not to see these videos. There are other tapes out there, but you end up paying a lot more for them, or you have to join some organization to be able to buy them.

If you don't like them, Allie will refund your money. I rarely plug people's products here, but I enjoyed the 101 drills video so much that I wanted everyone to know about it.

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