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Thread: A Couple of Food Questions

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    Default A Couple of Food Questions

    It is the holiday season, and time to eat. So I was wondering, hey British guys, if a biscuit is a cookie, is a digestive biscuit a cookie that is good for you? But more puzzling, all you crackers (pun) what the heck is a boiled peanut?
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    1 lb. 6 oz. bag raw peanuts
    Salted water to cover

    Discard imperfect nuts, if desired. (Peanuts with black on the shell or half peanuts are not necessarily bad. Boil them with the rest and eat them yourself!) Place nuts in large kettle. Add water a couple of cups at a time, stirring salt into water as you go. Taste. Water should be intensely salty as only a little salt will penetrate shell. Add water until covered. (Since peanuts float, you'll have to push them down with your hands to tell when they're covered. Bring to boil, turn down to simmer, cover with lid. Bring bottom nuts up to top ever so often. Start testing for doneness in 45 minutes. (Don't over boil.) Drain in colander.

    Little hint! NEVER visit the Southern US and ask what is Boiled Peanuts. You just might loose your peanuts

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