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Thread: Info on Sueyoshi Akeshi

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    Welcome to the forum, Kubilay. The last time my wife & I visited Turkey, we went through a practice session of Eishin-Ryu with another iaidoka in Istanbul. We had a great time critiquing each other's style because our waza were similar, but a long way from being identical. I know an Araki-Ryu sensei in Arizona who broke completely with his shihan because he simply didn't agree with the precepts. As godan, I wouldn't feel comfortable in establishing a separate ryuha, but he did, giving it his own name. So it's not all that unusual for new styles to be created even today.

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    Atik we all have a history. Some forum members 50 years in Budo. A lot of us have lived in Japan for some time and quickly know if its Koryu, Budo etc. One can make up new stuff but the biggest problem with traditional arts is trying to keep it the way it is. Its very easy to make it up or add bits from other arts until we have a firm grasp on a particular ryu. Being Japanese bears no exception. As I already said things like Honzan Shugensho, Shugendo is a religious following and is no qualification in Kobudo.
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