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Thread: saving a martial arts school

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    KumdoFleck Guest


    glad to inform you all, your help has really made a difference in our club. one other thing that helped, I'm now on the university's Martial Arts Committee. the biggest question I have gotten is what in the heck is kumdo, simply answering that question has really helped in the recruiting. Imagine, the obvious action is all we needed thanks again for all your help, and I'm always open for more ideas.

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    HinodeBuddha Guest


    A big part of getting and retaining students is location. I think in your current location you have that covered.

    I have been studying Japanese swordsmanship since 1999. My teacher has only three students to date. There have been several that started and last for a fair amount of time but only a few that have really made it a point to continue training. It is my opinion that students that desire to train sword will stick it out. Some, due to the movies, will begin but soon realize that it is a lot more difficult than picking up a sword and becoming proficient.

    The benefits of training sword aren't as easily translated as hand to hand arts, though the benefits are wonderful. It just takes time.

    Demos are great, flyers are good. Try putting on a seminar inviting students in the area to attend and experience your sword style. This is after all how I found my Sensei.

    If you know of other schools in the area you could go in and put on mini seminars as well. This way you are marketing to a specific group that already has martial arts experience and will understand better what the benefits would be. Swordwork can be a compliment to any style.

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