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    Hello, All!

    I wait anxiously for threads on this place. I have some problems to get Amdur Sensei's book(taxes and costs for sending money out of my country are prohibitive) but I'm sure the book is very good. I have been reading Ellis articles for quite some time and I have found him to be an excellent writer with many fascinating insights.
    Let's see what we shall have here.

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    I just received and finished reading Mr. Amdur's book. I was impressed and at the same time slightly disappointed.

    I thought (through my own fault) that the volume would be new material, rather than reprinted essays from various publishings. However, that initial disappointment was belayed by Mr. Amdur's presentation and choice of subjects. I had read about 2/3's of the articles presented, but you know what, it was refreshing to re-read! The best two pieces were the last 2. In these Mr. Amdur outdoes himself.

    In "The Knights of the Mouldy Rope" (15) we get to see an impression of NYC, Aikido in NYC and Japan and Terry Dobson in just one essay and it was immensely enjoyable.

    The last essay, "Oniisan" (16) was especially moving and brings to light what being a member of the human race and Aikido training is all about.

    I must mention that I have never met with, trained with or spoken to Mr. Amdur before, and I have no connection to his work and/or publisher. I wish to make this known as my endorsement of his work is unbiased.

    I HIGHLY recommend this book, my slight disappointment aside at re-reading previously read essays, and I endorse those of you that can, to encourage Mr. Amdur to write more, especially about his work, his Aikido and Koryu training and Terry Dobson!

    Tom Militello
    "You can't hide on the mats." Terry Dobson sensei.

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