To All,

Yesterday afternoon I received my copy of "Dueling with O-sensei" by Ellis Amdur. Having sent my check less than two weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to have received the book so soon. The book has a nice layout and tells a fierce tale.

I've read about 50 pages so far (I missed several of the articles when they appeared in there orginal form) and am quite pleased with the fact that Mr Amdur presents his unique view of the Budo arts without reserve. As I was reading one page, I realized that much of Mr Amdur's writings are like the interaction of Tori and Uke, Ssensei and Deshi. Sometimes you know what's going on, sometimes not. You need to go with the flow of it [the book] even when the material is somewhat abrasive. There are times when the text is a bit too thought provoking, you need to focus deeply and follow what is being explained to get the full impact. And no matter what, if you put the book down, you'll be sure to pick it back up. I could go on, but why? My recommendation is that if you've read Mr Amdur's works and enjoyed a single one - then send in your money, and get this compilation. It's worth the read.

In case your wondering, I have no affiliation with Mr Amdur other than having emailed him a few times...

Oh and if your reading this Mr Amdur, please put me on the "Koryu Book" list... I can't wait for it.