Rumor has it that after the publishing of this book, the Catholic Church will no longer seek sainthood for Terry Dobson.

I remember reading about Terry over the past 20 years in various aikido magazines. Granted, aikido is kind of low on my “budo information food group pyramid” but I have always tried to follow all the Japanese martial arts.

I never met Terry, but had a general impression about him based on what I had read. When he passed away, I read the usual media eulogies about how great a martial artists and human being he was and so on and so on….. Then I read Ellis Amdur’s story about Terry in Aikido Journal (reprinted in this book) and I came away from it with a chuckle and a better understanding of who Terry really was. Thinking of him getting stoned on pot and teaching a class seemed slightly humorous at the time (I too fondly remember the 1970’s). But reading the story again last night, I had problems with the drug use in conjunction with martial arts training. Sure, the 1970’s were a different time and society was still rocking from the 60’s, but it did make me think about how this would have gone over in today’s society. I think it might have to do with aikido and its perceived mystical/new age qualities that might have made it seem appropriate for use while in an altered state of consciousness.

I am sure these events were more of a case of youthful indiscretions, and like the book, this chapter has ended for all those involved.

Lastly, I think I would have liked Terry had I ever met him.

Anyone have any similar experiences or feelings on the issue of drug use and martial arts?