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Thread: Jinenkan basics

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    Question Jinenkan basics


    I always hear people say about the Jinenkan basics that they are not enough. They refer that the few techniques which are listet in the 3., 2. and 1. Kyu test ( and in the 6., 5., and 4. Kyu test ) are too less.

    Please, can anyone explain the focus of these few techniques and why they are so important ???

    Are they the complete basics of the Jinenkan ???

    I think they must be learnt deeply, because they are just a few techniques, isnīt it ???

    Thank you very much !!!

    Mike Schabbel

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    The curriculum material are very limited, but must be executed to a very high level of precision and detail that few people ever devote themselves to developing. Sensei has said that the kyu-rank material encompases all that is needed to develop proper body movement. Once those basics are adequately evolved, the subsequent rank materials focus on other aspects of training such as timing, distance, power, rhythm, etc.

    While the number of techniques are small in each rank requirement, each technique is vitally important to the development of good form and movement, and those skills may be translated into the rsest of the individuals training. Additionally, the rank material is definately NOT all that individuals at these levels of training should or do work on. Regular classes involve materials from all the ryuhas in which we train.

    Evan London
    Dojo-cho, Jinenkan Inazuma Dojo
    Orange, CT

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