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Thread: Watanabe Museum Reccomendation

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    For all you samurai accoutrements nuts, next time you are in Japan, I suggest visiting the Watanabe Museum of Fine Arts. It has a very large collection of Yoroi, swords, and other historical whatnots. It is located in Tottori, on the Sea of Japan side of Honshu, same place as those wacky sand dunes. One of the museum guide speaks very good English and spent the day answering questions and letting me closely look at their stuff. No National Treasures, but the inventory is immense and well worth a visit. It:s a private collection, which makes it perhaps even more interesting. Watanabe-san was in the right place at the right time.

    I will post some pics when I get back home in a few weeks.
    J. Nicolaysen
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    I got to put together a suit of armour for display there! Apparently there are approximately 360 sets of armour, but when I asked how many swords they didnt know! Just "lots" was the answer! The lady there wandered round with us and said if we wanted to handle any of the swords we were welcome to open the cases for a closer look! Now thats what I call a museum!
    In September they also have a visit by armour makers who show what they do, anything from making the braid to assembling a full set. Next time we are over the intention is to make sure the armourers are there while we are...
    What made me laugh was the fact that they had three new suits laying around you could have your photo taken in. For some reason I just dont look good in o-yoroi...maybe its the white skin colour, or just the fact that 6 foot tall people look stupid in 5 foot tall armour???

    And I nearly forgot, there is a really good fishing tackle shop just up the road with brilliant squid baits.
    Tim Hamilton

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