Mr "Tsuda"

I would like to ask a few questions of you, and offer some advice, you may ask why I am doing this in an open forum and not by e-mail/pm, that is because you are posting here in an open forum and others here are asking questions of you which you seem unable or unwilling to reply to, I hope that you will reply honestly in this thread.

Are you the same person who was removed from the budoseek forum for posting "inappropriate" questions/statements and for blatently disregarding the rules?

Is Tsuda Misao your real name?
Is it your "Japanese name" since I know of your "other real name", and of another name which you have used at an earlier time.

You clearly have Shorinji Kempo experience (I know this for a fact, and that it is of several years) both in Japan and outside of Japan, what branch do you currently train at, or do you no longer train?

Do you understand Shorinji Kempo philosophy? If you did then you would not have any concerns with putting your true name to your posts, and to answering any questions with honesty.

My advice is to continue posting, but to answer questions which are put to you in an honest manner, and to use your true name.
Unfortunately if you feel that you cannot fulfill this criteria then you may find that you are banned from this forum, I feel that this would be a harsh action for us to take, but rules are made to be followed, not to be dissobeyed as you sem to think.
If you feel that you are making a point by not signing then we will have no recourse but to make a point by banning you.