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Thread: Tozando Koto Higo Iaito

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    Joshua Smith Guest

    Question Tozando Koto Higo Iaito

    Dear group,

    I was looking at Tozando's Koto Higo Koshirae Iaito and it described the fuchi/kashira to be blackened with silver snowflake inlays. The picture, however, make them look like they're entirely silver.

    Does anyone own this model and wouldn't mind putting pics of the fuchi/kashira?

    Or does some one know of a site that has more detailed images of fuchi/kashira?

    Thanks for your help

    God bless,
    Joshua Smith

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    Talking Same Iaito

    You can find the same iaito with better pictures here:

    Koto Higo Koshirae

    FWIW, Tozando doesn't feature that Uryu Tsuba on the website, but it is the same fuchi & gashira.

    The Uryu Tsuba is suppose to be the standard selection on that model:
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    Joshua Smith Guest


    Thank you DCPan. That's perfect! Thanks again.

    God bless,
    Joshua Smith

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