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Thread: Looking for a good Kendo Dojo in Tokyo

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    Default Looking for a good Kendo Dojo in Tokyo

    Allo everyone. I'm planning to move to Tokyo this Autumn and I would like to find an apartment near a reputable Kendo dojo. Does anyone know of any esteemed and generally well regarded Kendo dojos in the Tokyo area? I'm essentially "shopping" for a good school that can guide me toward Ikkyu and beyond. I currently know of only one Dojo of renound in Tokyo, and that is located in Nakano, on the top floor/roof of an apartment building. It's name escapes me, but I was informed it was rather famous. I'm somewhat partial to SHinjuku ward, but I will live where ever I need to in order to study with the best. So, does anyone have any recommendations? If you could move to Tokyo and live anywhere you wanted, what Kendo dojos would you consider in deciding a location? Thanks!

    Doby Finn (New to the forums)

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    I would suggest that you contact the Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei (All Japan Kendo Federation, or ZNKR). I have no idea how to get in touch with them, or even if anyone speaks English, but they wil certainly know where the kendo dojos in Tokyo are located.

    If you are practicing kendo now, you should probably talk to your teacher.
    Earl Hartman

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    Default Budokan?


    Couldn't Doby check the offices at the Nippon Budokan, in the park across from Yasukuni Shrine? Nice park, by the way. Nice building, too -- but they had some silly Japanese rocker performance on the billing when I walked by.

    Guy H. Power
    Kenshinkan Dojo

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