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Thread: Sword Style schools in Minnesota?

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    Wout Guest


    well the kiai lasts as long as the movement you are acxecuting, a strike in kendo generaly lasts from kamai to kamai (kamai strike follow through turnaround kamai). Reason that you don't do a short kiai is that your body will almost automaticly stop/slow down if you inhale during a the follow through because it brakes the move whereas if you keep exhaling you will get further faster.

    EH that's what I make of it sofar

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    Yuma Guest

    Default kiai

    Thank you; it actually makes sense to me, as I can compare it to my Shotokan karate experience.

    Domo arigato goziamasu, tomodachi!



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    I know it's been over ten years since this information was posted, but I'm also looking for a place to learn Kendo or Kenjutsu. I found the Kaishin Dojo in west st. paul, and I would like more up-to-date information on the Minnehaha Kendo Club.

    Kaishin is run by Al(an) Kilgore. I've been doing some reading and there seems to be controversy surrounding him and the legitimacy of his style. I would like as much information on him as possible from people who have dealt with him before.

    Thank you for your time.
    Robin Pillmann

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    Avoid Kilgore. You should be able to get contact info for a proper dojo through the AUSKF website.

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    Hey Robin,
    Welcome to e-budo! I have to definitely second Neil's opinion on Al Kilgore. There has been quite a bit of discussion about him on the web that can be googled. Suffice to say that if you're looking for traditional Japanese sword arts, don't look in his direction. In the Minneapolis area, I would recommend Toyama ryu at the Seiryuukan dojo run by Robert Steele ... or Muso Shinden Ryu at the Mutokai dojo, which I believe is run by Karl Peterson. There is also Kendo at the Minnehaha Kendo Club ...

    Good luck!
    Paul Smith
    "Always keep the sharp side and the pointy end between you and your opponent"

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    Minnehaha Kendo Club is a good people. I've met a lot of them at TaiKai. I like Mr. Cochran a lot.

    Kendo is often a good way to make legimate Koryu connections. The Japanese sword community is not that big.
    Ed Boyd

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