Dear Friends of Tsubaki Shrine,

Now we are suddenly experiencing such archetypical Fall the colors change, this years harvest is made and our Ki settles from summer it is a special time to make the shrine is information of upcoming schedule:

FESTIVAL OF JAPAN in Portland, 9/18 from 11:00 AM

This week's Saturday 9/18 our shrine staff can be in Portland area at the Beaverton Uwajimaya to open the Japan America Society's Festival of Japan at 11:00 AM..we should be there all day to greet our friends from Oregon area. Also we can do Oharae and Gokito for people at that time.


Tsubaki Shrine will hold the monthly ceremony on Friday 10/1 at 11:00 AM...everyone is welcome to attend

SHYUUKI TAISAI (Great Fall Ceremony) at Tsubaki Jinja 10/10/04

Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America will hold the SHYUUKI TAISAI ( Great Fall Ceremony) on Sunday 10/10 at noon. This ceremony is one of the two times each year when the doors of the inner shrine are opened...then the special Hatsuhoryo/kensen (food offerings) including Shinmai (new rice) and Ocha are offered to Okami...then the Shinto Priest offers prayers for everyone's health, happiness, safety and prosperity. Then the special Noh performance is offered to Okami. All particiapants will recieve the gift of Oine (rice on plant) as the Omamori (talisman imbued with Okami's fuku-[luck protective power]). Please attend with family and friends ...also we will enjoy the " potluck" Naorai at the Tsubaki Kaikan following the ceremony, so please bring a dish to share if you would like.

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu,
K. Barrish
Tsubaki America Kannushi