Well, politics are the most oft discussed topic on any bulletin board and this is not different. It is interesting to say the least.

The understanding of this situation, to me, is that it is as unclear now as it ever was, with SAD or without (surely someone else would have come around). The Japanese way of thinking, from what Mr. Pranin says, is to leave it in the open air, let it swirl (like a swizzle of good Scotch) for a while, and then we can then take it out for another spin.

It is similar to Jon Bluming and Donn Draeger aproaching Ueshiba M. and asking to do ukemi for some of his waza. "We'll let you know," said Ueshiba K. after his father told them it would be too dangerous. Which means no, of course, in the time-honored Japanese way.

I won't tell you what they thought of that answer and aikido at that moment, and I don't even know if the story is true, but the intent is the same here, I think.

"We will let you know."

(To be contined. Da ta da da. Tahhhh)