As this forum has gone mainly unmoderated for some time, here are a few things to remember when posting here orin any of E-budo fora.

This is the general disussion area of Gendai Budo Traditions of Japan. Martial arts founded in other areas of the world are welcome as long as they relate to Japanese Budo. Slightly off topic posts or threads will be given some room for discussion. IOW, read the description of this forum before you enter.

Otherwise, the usual rules apply:

Please sign your posts with your full name.
Profanity will not be tolerated.
Blatant commercial advertising is not allowed.
Treat your fellow E-Budo members with respect.

Please be sure your posts are signed. This is the one rule which is ignored more than any other so new members, please go to your User CP and set your options and prefs including your signature. This should include a first initial and surname or first name and last name.

Otherwise, welcome to E-budo.