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Thread: Koryu Snobs Revisited

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    Thank you so much for the very kind words. If I lived up to that standard, I would need another lifetime to do so, at the very least.

    The comment "...only a judoka" mostly comes from friends as I seem to be one of the few who never found reason to move on to something else. I have tried but I never experience the same comfort level nor the same level of training as I do in the judo dojo, but I have made the effort to at least experience a little here and there. Those experiences cemented my connection with Kodokan Judo.

    I wanted to say "thanks."

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    thanks..I get it now thanks to your patience and explanation. Yup, I can see how that might happen or how that could feel for someone.

    your welcome...I was just stating how I see your posts. I'm not prone to blowing smoke (I'm more commonly thought of as a cynical sob) so I would not sweat living up to any're doing just fine as is.

    Cheers all...see you in the next thread.

    Howard Thiery

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    It drips from your every sentance.
    Well, that is poetic, isn't it? Glad you could join the fray here...ahem...'Bill'. I think that you should probably just say whatever it is you are wanting to say instead of 'dancing' around it. Way to represent yourself as a respectible, intelligent guy.
    I would say that no one here is trying to defend Mr. Lowry, or even--oh dear--rebut your obviously well-founded opinion of him. There are probably a few koryu folks in here who would not take entirely too kindly to you perhaps trying to lump all koryu practitioners into one snobby group. Debating anyone's level or lack of understanding of what you have written should reflect more on your ability to easily convey your thoughts--if mistakes were made in anyone's reading comprehension skills.
    As my British counterpart so astutely pointed out in an earlier post, but translated into American for an added perspective, chill out, man. If you are going to get all upset about this, could you at least post some pics for us so we can have something solid to laugh at?

    That wet t-shirt thing is classic, there, 'Bill'. You could probably hit us up with some pics of that, too. I would love to see a pic of your moobs.

    Oops. Now he will never know. Oh well...for posterity, then.
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    Matthew Snowden
    -The only way to learn is be aware and hold on tight.

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