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Thread: Which articles were reprinted ?

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    Bean Guest


    I really enjoyed reading Ellis' articles in AJ. I miss getting to read new ones & wish he would start a regular column again. For any martial artist who has not read his work, I would strongly recommend that you give it a shot.

    I would be grateful if someone could post the names of the articles that are reprinted in his book. I would love to get the book if I haven't read some of the articles, but I might hold off if I have all the articles already.

    Thank you -

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    Default What's in the book, anyway?????

    Bean -

    A fair question, and I regret somehow not making this clear in whatever publicity I've done. It'd be a pretty lousy title though - "Dueling with Osensei: Slightly Revised Reprints. I assumed I be hitting mostly new readers, so I didn't think it thru, perhaps

    Anyway, every essay I've ever published at AJ is in the book with the exception of one. I decided not to reprint "Therapeutic Self-Defense" for two reasons. 1) I am not doing it any more 2) My thoughts on self-defense training have changed fromin the last five or so years. Although some reservations remain, I have a lot more interest and respect for properly done, 'adrenaline response" type self-defense than I did then, altho' I still believe really hurt folks need some preliminary work, such as TherSD. In retrospect, however, I wish I had published the therapeutic self-defense piece with an invitation for one or more properly trained people to learn from me how to run such a group. It's a great procedure and wonderful for really fragile victims of abuse - it's just not something I'm doing any more.

    NOTE Before I get any inquiries about what it is, I will reprint it on my own website. Give me a month or so, those who are interested.

    Anyway, a list of the chapters (not the same order published). BTW, doing this in a hurry, so won't worry about all the caps.

    1) Aiki: A state of the Union -
    *On the essential nature of the psycho-physical state of aiki

    2) Aiki is Not alwasy Pretty
    *Application of aiki principles in a seemingly life-death encounter

    3) The Use of Weapons in Aikido Training

    4) A Conversation with Daito-Ryu's Other Child
    *Re hapkido and daito ryu - I've been told that this essay was pirated and translated to make the rounds of the Korean hapkido society. Don't know if that's true, but I am aware it was done in South America. Don't even have a clue how to sue for royalties, so I hope it's been worth it.

    5) Atemi: STriking to the Heart of the Matter
    *Distinguishing atemi from pugilisim, particularly in regards to aiki arts

    6) So How Tough Do you Want to be When you Grow Up?
    *Addressing the perenial question'is aikido for real?'

    7) Toward Simple Morality - or How Come Soemthing so fine
    Sometimes Turns so Ugly
    *On abuse in the martial arts community, (not just aikido!)

    8) Otoko (Manhood)
    * On Japanese images of manhood and how they reflect on the creation of budo and also evoke or discourage abuse and violence

    9) There is no Such Thing as Tenkan Without Irimi
    *A discussion of two essential principles, no only of aikido, but any combat form _straight line and circular attacks - as applied in a crisis intervention.

    10) Hiding in the Shadows of the Warrior
    *The heart of darkness, the red lust for death and destruction that is present, I believe in all of us. Calling myself on my own bulls**

    11) Life as a Movie
    *Continuing the ongoing adventures of a man who knew to much too little almost too late

    12) Setsuninto-katsujinken -
    *an inquiry in the moral responsibility of preventing violence with violence. Previously published on the website of Andrew Vachss, it's apparently engendered a lot of fierce discussion over the years.

    13) Tenchi: Hed in the Clouds and Feet in the Muck
    *Applying the same harsh but hopefully true eye towards Ueshiba Morihei that I've tried to offer towards others, including me. The essential question is how can a flawed human being create something divine. (My view is the "perfect sage" creates something corrupt)

    14) Did you Ever Meet O-sensei? O-sensei Who?
    *What/who is a teacher?

    15) The Knights of the Mouldy Rope
    *A long reminisence of a friend and teacher - Terry Dobson - the embodiment of chaos - life lived as an exquisite lurch across a tightrope

    16) Oniisan (Elder Brother)
    *a reminisence of another friend and teacher - Yasunori Kuwamori - the perfect embodiment of all that is worthwhile in aikido

    *Shall well bring aikido home or posture on the mat?

    Hope this is some help, not only to you, but to others who might want to read the book.

    P.S. Can't have much of a discussion until I get some more readers


    Ellis Amdur

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    I, for one, don't care if the content is a reprint of earlier articles. It's worth the cost to have them all in one cover.

    I'm looking forward to more...(Hint, Hint, Ellis...)

    Safe and Happy Holiday Wishes to everyone!

    Chuck Clark
    Jiyushinkai Aikibudo

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    Bean Guest


    Thanks for the great summary. After I read it, I immediately asked my wife for your book as a Christmas present. Your article "Tenchi .." was one of the most interesting articles I have ever read in a martial arts magazine.

    Chuck is right, of course, the book is well worth the cost!

    Hope you have a great Holiday season -

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