Aikido Eastside in Bellevue, WA has a study group which is overseen by Howard Popkin Sensei. Popkin Sensei trained under Okamoto Seigo in the Daito Ryu Roppokai. He and Joe Brogna Sensei recently formed their own organization named the Daito Ryu Ginjukai. Popkin Sensei and / or Brogna Sensei come to our dojo several times a year to conduct seminars including their West Coast 4-Day Intensive held each summer.

Aikido Eastside is an Aikido school and all of the students in the Daito Ryu Study Group are Aikido students who cross train. The dedicated Daito Ryu class meets only once per week. So, our school would be an adequate place to get some very basic exposure to this very soft branch of Daito Ryu but someone wishing to be really serious should contact Popkin Sensei who lives in New York state.