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    dainippon99 Guest

    Default Where to get the book

    Im sorry, this might be a stupid question, but i cant find your book anywhere in bookstores, ellis. Where might i get me one?

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    Default Where to get the book

    It's not for sale at any bookstores (I bet your you have your specs set for the last 30 days, and didn't see the intro thread which explained all that

    Anyway, the only way to order the book is directly thru me. Ego or stubborness - I wanted to see how far I could go thru selling it directly - no middle-men, no comissions, no bar codes, no nothing but me. So:

    Please check my web-page at for ordering instructions.


    Ellis Amdur

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    dainippon99 Guest


    thanks very much ellis. seems as though all the best material is attained in this fashion.

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