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Thread: Mijin style

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    Default Mijin Style

    that is just an example. there are other internet sources that i got information from. But, who can trust the information you get on the internet anyway, thats why i posted the question in the forum to get feedback from people who might be able to help me out with it. any information is appreciated.

    Chris Oldknow

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    Quote Originally Posted by Light Samurai
    Anyways, does this mean that them being descended from TSKSR wrong as well?
    I think that part is credible. The reason I linked that Iaido Newsletter is because of it's affiliation with Kim Taylor. He is a highly respectable teacher. As another poster already said, if its stated in a newsletter/book affiliated with Kim Taylor, its probably true.

    That said, I have no other information. I can't say whether the schools still exists today, only that it existed at some point in history.
    --Timothy Kleinert

    Aikido & Qigongs

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