We at the GiYu dojo have some excellent Mats we no longer have use for . These Blue Mats are in excellent condition and are only 1 YR. old.
If you have a training group or are looking to set up a place to train, I would recommend starting with these mats. They are GREAT for throwing, grappling and striking arts. Plus, you can add on at any time with the velco attaching feature.

We are willing to sell them for $100 each for the 5x10- 5 panel (50SQ.FT) and $70 each for the 4x8- 4 panel(32SQ.FT), plus shipping.

The mats are 4 sided velco so they will attach to each other and they fold up for easy storage. 2 inch thickness with shock absorbing foam.

If you are interested please call Sukh Sandhu Martial Arts at 937-435-2203, or reply email us at the top address.

These mats normally retail for

5x10 5 panel- $250 each
4x8 4 panel- $161 each

WE currently have in inventory: 8- 5x10 blue mats- 400sq.ft.
2- 4x8 blue mats-64sq.ft.

And we are selling them for only $100 for the 5x10 size each and $70 for the 4x8 each