I got to thinking about a couple of issues the other day, one was while I was shotting some arrows. For those bushi who were either on horseback or foot, when they ran out of arrows or the enemy closed in, what exactly did they do with their bow while using their sword? One could guess that they somehow slung it over their shoulder, however considering the size of the bow it would in theory be quite awkward, and possibly dangerous (ie hindering drawing of the sword).

The second question is in regards to those bushi who fought on horseback. When travelling to and from the battle (assuming it was some miles, lets say a day or two's march), did they actually ride their horses? Considering the strain on a horse with both its own armour and that of its rider, it would seem illogical to tire it out by riding it for two days beforehand.

Any ideas and or evidence to share?

PS I've always been interested in how the naginata became a "woman's weapon" as well. If anyone could share some information on this also it would be appreciated.