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Thread: Single,Female Businesswoman

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    Default Single,Female Businesswoman

    To begin - this lady's 1st cousin marries a girl with
    the same 1st & middle name as herself ...
    NOW there are two people with identical names.
    After her cousin gets a divorce, the
    Single, Female businesswoman gets arrested !
    Misidentification / after a lenghty & long explanation
    she is released. NOW an arrest record !

    Next - a Dike school bus driver pulls in this Single,Female
    Businesswoman's driveway and gets off her bus & writes
    her license plate down.
    Several days later- the Single,Female Businesswoman is
    arrested for endangerment of 40 kids ????
    She was released and given a court date.(she's single)

    Apart from owning her business ,
    this female is a nurse & was at work when the bus driver
    said this incident took place.

    She goes to court with her time card from work and is
    acquitted of all 40 counts of child endangerment.

    NOW this Single,Female Businesswoman has two arrests
    on her record.NOT once did she hire an attorney for these
    actions.She ask the judges during Both circumstances
    if these arrest would remain on her record.In both instances,
    they SUGGESTED she hire an attorney( $$$$) and file for

    In reality is expungement really cost effective?
    Will her record still exist? Would you pay for services
    because someone is trying to slander your name?
    Do you feel the dike bus driver is mad or jealous of this
    Single, Female Businesswoman ??
    john gautreaux

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    Uh, get a lawyer - the courts are no place for amateur hour.
    Harvey Moul

    Fish and visitors stink after three days - Ben Franklin

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