I'm writing up a proposal to start a martial arts club on campus, including a request to get funds for mats and striking pads. I would essentially be responsible for locating the actual equipment and negotiating its purchase, and would like to get feedback on a few questions going through my mind:

1. What is the minimum and/or ideal thickness mat for grappling and "light" throwing? The floors here are all concrete, and I will probably be starting from scratch with most people, so we won't be able to do real intense nage regardless... but it would be nice to be able to toss people around a little bit.

2. Is there a rough square footage to shoot for per pair of students? If we end up with 6 participants for example, what is the minimum size mat we could get away with having?

3. Any recommendations or warnings as far as mat manufacturers? Same for retailers/outlets?

4. What, other than uke of course, do you find to be essential striking pads to have at your disposal (if you use such contraptions)