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Thread: Application of the Art on daily activity

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    Edgardo Roman Guest


    Dear Sensei:

    I am aware of basic considerations when practicing the Katas and techniques, such as balance, distance, flow, intention, correctness, etc. I believe that these principles have applicability on day to day actives outside the dojo. For example, when dealing with people or business situations, about keeping a mental "balance" to not over react to problems. Also, to trust one's instincts and keep distance on situations. As you see, these are not necessary "physical self-defense" cases. But the ability to keep this awareness is due to the martial art training. Do you have experiences of your own in which you apply the "art" to non-threatening situation in order to succeed?


    Edgardo Roman

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    Fumio Manaka Guest


    Martial arts training helps me in everyday life, in knowing not to do more than is necessary. I am talking about learning to distinguish what is one's own share. It is silly for a beggar to hope for the same things as an Emperor.

    Manaka Unsui

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