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Thread: Ibaraki- da pe?

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    Don Roley Guest


    I noticed in the article on your life that was posted that you were born in Ibaraki. I would like to know....

    1) Where in Ibaraki?
    2) Do you like Mito Natto?
    3) Do you sometimes still use "da pe" when you talk?

    Don Roley
    From Ibaraki, near Toride

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    Fumio Manaka Guest


    I was born in Ibaraki, but I moved to Noda by the time I began elementary school. I don't like Natto much and I can't speak in the Ibaraki dialect.

    Manaka Unsui

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    Don Roley Guest


    Thank you for your reply.
    The real question I had was where in Ibaraki you were born. Everything else was just an attempt to lighten the mood after all the deadly serious questions. I am just a little curious since I live in Ibaraki. Please tell me what town, city or villiage you were born in.

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    Fumio Manaka Guest


    I was born in Otaniguchi in Iwai City (my mother's hometown). Their house burned in the air raids on Tokyo so my parents moved to my mother's home and I was born there.

    Manaka Unsui

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