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Thread: books?

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    what do all of you feel are the best bookd concerning Go? this can have joseki, life and death problems, essays, anything.


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    I'll post a few books that I think are great:

    1. Lessons In The Fundamentals of Go, by Kageyama Toshiro
    2. Most of the elementary Go series published by Kiseido (pick a subject, any subject!)
    3. Shusaku: The Invincible, by John Power
    4. Life and Death (volumes 1-3), by Maeda Nobuaki (great problem books, in Japanese)

    Everyone should read Fundamentals ... . It is excellent.

    The nice thing about the elementary Go series is that it covers most subjects and does a fine job at it.

    The book on Shusaku is great! I particularly like the commentaries provided by many great professionals including Go Seigen and Kitani Minoru. I wish there were more books like this in English.

    For a problem book on Life and Death ... Maeda Nobuaki's books (3 volumes) is classic. I enjoy working a page of problems (3) each day when I get a chance.

    My list is very limited, but I have many other books in my library that are also excellent and many books I hope to eventually purchase that look good. I REALLY (!) would like to own the book collection of Go Seigen's complete games, but these cost alot!



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