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Thread: Sword waza.

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    Manaka Sensei,
    I have another question that I thought would be good to ask you. I was wondering about sword training. I've been working on the Jinen Ryu Biken you showed at your last seminar very much lately. Though I have been performing the techniques you taught us as perfectly as I am able to, I have also been trying to find as many escapes as possilbe. I will start with the Basic, then the escape you showed and then I try to find an escape for the counter technique, and then I try finding an escape for that.
    My question, how advisable a form of training is this? I myself feel that any fool can try finding an escape but that does not mean it was a good or useful one. I would like to know how much one should stick to the basic form before changing or if one should change it at all.
    As always, thank you so much for helping out when you find the time.
    Chris Baker.

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    Fumio Manaka Guest


    If you practice the basics correctly and thoroughly, there is no need for a large number of techniques.

    Manaka Unsui

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