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Thread: Jinen Ryű

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    Default Jinen Ryű

    When you created Jinen Ryű, what was the purpose behind creating a new art?

    Rahul Bhattacharya

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    Since my question is related to the above question of Rahul, I will add mine to his(I hope you do not mind Rahul... )

    I would like to first thank Manaka sensei for his time with us. I would also ask:

    1) From what Ryu-ha does the material that is included in the Jinen-Ryu come from? Does the Jinen-Ryu contain any material from the Takamatsu-den?

    2) What areas of Bujutsu does the Jinen-Ryu cover? Does it include Ninpo/Ninjutsu or is it just Budo/Bujutsu in general?

    Manaka-sensei, thank you in advance for your time and reply on this matter.

    Best wishes and prosperity on your path always,
    Arnold - Kanatokogakure Shugenjutsu

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    Fumio Manaka Guest


    The Jinen-Ryu organizes many things which I was taught or learned over many years of training but which had no specific form. It also is intended to teach my way of thinking about Budo.

    The Jinen-Ryu does not include any kata from other Ryu-ha. It includes methods for Kusarifundo, Tanto, Jutte, Tessen, Ken, Eda Koppo and Nito (two swords).

    Manaka Unsui

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