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Thread: Hypoglycemia

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    seamus Guest


    i have a friend whom i am trying to help w/ hypoglycemia

    part of the program we are working on together includes martial arts

    i was just seeking anyones experiences w/ anything like this


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    Tetsutaka Guest

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    5 words: Eat Right 4 Your Type

    OK - that was actually four words and a number... sue me

    Read the book(s) and give it a whirl. It made all the difference in the world for me.

    Houston Haynes
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    Cilian McHugh Guest


    Also worth a look is the Macrobiotic Way by Michio Kushi, I can't find the ISBN no. right now but e-mail me and I'll get it to you if you're interested. Basically what he says on hypoglycemia is as follows (paraphrasing and reading between the lines );

    Hypoglycemia is a condition in which the patient suffers from low blood sugars ( as opposed to diabetes which is the condition of blood sugars which need careful montioring due to their volatile nature ). The way in which Hypoglycemia manifests itself is when the body is deprived of glyocen ( a type of stored energy ) it sends messages to the brain which in turn instructs the body to crave sugar. As modernly available sugars are of the highly refined type, these processed sugars are burned incredibly quickly by the body. As the body burns these sugars it releases insulin to counteract the sudden release of sugar into the blood. The insulin brings the blood sugars back down to a low level which then causes the body to crave sugars. And so the cycle continues...

    Kushi recommends that the best treatment for hypoglycemia is not a mass influx of sugars, but a strict regulation of them. Instead he recommends ( now I don't have the book in front of me right now so don't hold me to this, but again if you're interested e-mail me and I'll get the relevant information for you ) complex carbohydrates which are slow burning and some forms contain a certain amount of sugar.

    Can't emphasise enough that I don't have the book in front of me right now so don't take anything I've said as the Gospel truth.



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    I am hypoglycemic and a practicing martial artist, and have had issues with it many times. I agree with the "Eat Right 4 Your Type"; in fact, that is pretty much all that can be said. My advice is to find your private balance of carbs and proteins to consume at each meal, and break your dining time into five smaller meals per day instead of 3 larger ones. It really is all about knowing thy self.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeba View Post
    ... break your dining time into five smaller meals per day instead of 3 larger ones.
    This is one of the most important steps anyone can take.

    Humans are designed as grazers, and a steady supply of food throughout the day is much better than a huge chunk once a day.

    Even if the total calories consummed is the same, spreading them out will lead to less weight gain, higher energy levels, and better overall health.

    Taking in too much food at once causes insulin levels to rise in order to burn the food; but insulin levels don't drop as fast as sugar levels, so hyperinsulinism leads to hypoglycemia.

    The biggest danger is that uncontrolled hypoglycemia often develops over time into hyperglycemia -- AKA diabetes melitus.
    Yours in Budo,

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    Also, if waking up to train at 6am, get a little something into your stomach so you don't pass out halfway through. I've seen a hypoglycemic person wobble off the floor seeing colors because he'd not had anything to eat yet that day.
    Trevor Johnson

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    I am a hypoglycemic martial artist. My best advice is what a few others have said. Keep up with your food for the day, make sure you are hydrated. If you can put an apple juice or something in your bag, and if you start to feel light headed tell your instructor you need to sit down for a sec and go drink that juice.

    When I teach I do it in 30 minute blocks because of this. I will go 30 minutes really strong, then take a 5 minute break to drink juice and let the guys go hydrate. This has worked out great for me for the last 5 years, since I was diagnosed.

    Keep up with the training though, physical activity is important, and keep your chin up. Nothing is impossible, just train hard and train for yourself.

    Scot Mertz

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